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Pury Hill Walks

The inspiration behind creating Pury Hill’s Parkland and Walks

In 2007 we acquired 60 acres of arable land surrounding Pury Hill Business Park and transformed it into permanent pasture for livestock, parkland and woodland for wildlife, as well as walkways for clients. This unique space helps promote our clients’ health and wellbeing, where they can enjoy the countryside and take a break from their busy working day.

We also welcome all dogs to the business park, and take huge pleasure in seeing our clients walking their dogs around our grounds. We do ask that they are kept on a lead at all times, to avoid disturbing any birds and wildlife.

Creation of Parkland

We employed the renowned landscape designer, Julian Dowle, to advise us on creating the new parkland and walkways.  This included moving and replanting over 1,000 semi-mature trees from an existing 15 yrs old woodland, to give instant structure to the scheme and shape for the walks.  To do this we imported a giant tree spade attachment from the USA, and coupled it to a large loader shovel. 

Many of these trees had to be staked and wired, to ensure they were securely anchored until the roots were properly established.  These trees provided shelter for thousands of native saplings, enabling a further 29 species to be planted beneath them. 

The whole planting plan was designed to create and enhance the nature walks for the exclusive use of our clients.

Enhancing and Protecting Wildlife

We then designed, built and mounted 15 barn owl boxes as well as a further 300 nest boxes of different shapes and sizes throughout the woodlands. Plus, a further 60 bird boxes around the offices.

The majority of these nest boxes are occupied during the spring and early summer. If you stand near one for a short while you may be able watch the birds come and go, as well as hearing the fledglings calling to be fed.

Pond Life & Flood Management

All of our ponds are naturally filled when it rains, and via surface runoffs.  At the Business Park, the water is collected from the roofs, roads, and car parks. 

Everything is channelled through an underground petrol interceptor, which removes any contaminants such as car oil or fuel spillages before it feeds the Mill Pond.  This pond has been designed to attenuate water flow, by storing the runoff during peak rainfall periods and releasing it at a controlled rate.

This prevents any flooding, as well as eliminates soil erosion that would occur during heavy storms.

We have a number of walks marked out around the Estate, of different lengths and distances. This section of walkways are all via an all weather track so are easily accessible all year round.

The lock gates by the Mill Pond are a water-retaining feature, and when the Pond is full, you can watch the water cascading down into the canal and onto the Sunken Lake. 

There are picnic tables alongside the Mill Pond path, where many of our clients enjoy their lunch breaks. Or otherwise, there’s a barbecue area which is available to hire FOC for company Summer parties.

This 1,400 metres circular walk is opposite the Business Park, and offers another scenic walk.  The route is kept mown by our maintenance team, and the field grazed by our livestock.

We are really pleased with this habitat, and often you will spot Barn and Tawny owls hunting at dawn and dusk.  We are extremely keen to enhance the wildlife, and you will notice many different types of nest boxes.  The larger boxes are for Barn and Tawny owls, and the medium size boxes have tunnel entrances to encourage little owls. 

The tit family, robins, and other small birds use the two types of conventional small nest boxes.

Down in the southwest corner of the parkland, you can take a diversion off the main path, to the small Corner Pond that was dug in 2007.  This is home to wild fowl, fish and other pond species! 

Pury Hill Trail Map