Pury Hill Business Park

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Terms and conditions

Once you have gone through the sign up process, an email confirming your membership will be sent through to the Company accounts department. All members of staff will need to attend at our office to have their fobs coded or alternatively collect a new fob and have your photograph uploaded to or system. We will also hold all personal information detailed above on our system.
Your membership is personal to you and may not be transferred, whether temporarily or not, to anyone else at any time, without the specific permission of Pury Hill office. Sharing FOBS can result in membership cancellation and a life time ban on the individual .Security of your FOB is your responsibility, do not pass it on to anyone under any circumstances. You must inform us if you feel security of your FOB has been compromised immediately so that we can take the necessary steps to cancel it.
Payment for the Facilities add-on of the gym will be added to your quarterly Maintenance Charge invoice and billed accordingly.
Please be aware that it will not be possible to cancel your membership once it has been added to your Lease.


  • To the best of your knowledge and belief you are in good health and not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, wellbeing or physical condition. Further, that you will advise us immediately should your circumstances change.
  • You agree to attend an induction before you use any gym equipment. If you are in any doubt of your ability to use the equipment safely, you need to bring this to the attention of a member of the office staff. Using Gym equipment can be hazardous and result in injury in mis-use – if you have not had an induction before, or are unfamiliar or uncertain for your own safety youMUST attend and induction before using any Pury Hill Gym equipment.
  • Pury Hill Gym operating hours are 7am-7pm. Pury Hill provides no safety supervision (CCTV is only monitored in the event you push the help buttons). Use out of hours is PROHIBITED. We highly recommend that, for your own safety during off peak hours, only using the gym with a “gym buddy”, and only using the most prominently visible cardio/weights equipment so other members can assist you in the event of unconsciousness.
  • If out of peak hours, you confirm you are able to use the help points – Pury Hill Gym take no responsibility for providing assistance.
  • You have read this agreement, including the terms and conditions and understand it will become binding upon both parties once signed.

Lockers – are made available for your use with your own padlock, but ONLY for the duration of your visit. Overnight use will result in:

a) removal of locks
b) removal and of contents which can be recovered with a £50 admin fee
c) uncollected items will be given to charity within 7 day s of removal

Valuables – Pury Hill can take no responsibility for the contents of lockers. Please do not to leave valuables in your lockers.


Pury Hill Gym is for the sole use of Tenants and no outside visitors will be granted access unless authorised by Pury Hill office.
Please bring a sweat towel to wipe down gym equipment. Paper Towel will be available.
Disabled toilets are for disabled use only, given they are cleaned just once per day, which means genuine disabled may be using unnecessarily untidy facilities.
If we choose to waive any breach of this agreement, it will not stop us from enforcing the terms of the agreement strictly at a later date.