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Woo Hoo - Our latest visitor to the Park

Sent: 19.11.2015 15:30:13 | Modified: 28.01.2016 16:43:13

What a lovely sight we saw last week in the Courtyard. 

We thought this Barn Owl had been stunned from hitting a window and so it was scooped up and sent to the Owl sanctuary to recover.  Once better it will be released into the park, so hopefully we all be able to spot it flying around the park on a dusky evening.



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Throughout October and into November we will be selling poppies and other various poppy related items on behalf of the British Legion for Rememberance Sunday.

We will be visiting each office over the next few weeks and leaving these with you along with a collection box.  Once we have visited all sites we will leave all items and the collection box in the Pury Hill Cafe.

We will notify you of the amount raised at the end of November.

Please donate generously.

Meet Our New Arrivals

Sent: 24.04.2015 09:18:26 | Modified: 09.10.2015 13:40:49

It is lambing time here at Pury Hill and if you take a walk over the road around the Field Walk at Pury Hill you will see all our new arrivals.

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Pury Hill Cafe - Bon Viveur Awarded 5* Rating

Everyone at Pury Hill would like to congratulate Bon Viveur here at our very own Pury Hill Cafe for being awarded a 5* rating by South Northants EHO.  Jackie and Bon Viveur were awarded the top mark of 5* and rated as excellent for their standards. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED.

Pury Hill Business Park New Development

Sent: 14.11.2014 11:04:33 | Modified: 19.11.2015 15:39:17


We have now broken ground on our New Development here at Pury Hill Business Park.  The complex will hold three new offices and will be built to the same design and specification as our other properties here at Pury Hill. For more information click  New Pury Hill Business Park Development



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